S. A. Shipley's "StarCrossed" "Portrays the best part of Shakespearian wit with a prequel twist."--Anon.



By S.A. Shipley c 2002 All rights reserved
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Synopsis - " Star-Crossed" By S.A. Shipley c 2005 All rights reserved
"Star-Crossed"(a prequel to "Romeo & Juliet"), takes a hot blooded and wildly romantic perspective on the ancient feud. With bawdy humor and extraordinary consequences, the play relates the adventures of the libertine DiSenna and his incestuous passion for his twin sister, Catherine. When Catherine is seduced by the thief, Capulet, lives hang in the balance as love, fortune, and honor are risked on the turn of a card, the edge of a sword. A tale of friendships gone awry and unforgivable acts committed in the name of love.

4M 4W  2 Acts  1 set Running time approx. 2 hours

Cast of Characters
Tiberio Montague - 17
Adrianod deCapulet - 17
Callisto DiSenna (brother to Catherine) - 17
Lawrence - 16
Catherine DiSenna - 17
Rosalie DiSenna - 15 (cousin to the DiSennas)
Bernadine - 16 (daughter of Orangina)
Orangina - (Bernadine’s mother) (late 20's)

Sets are minimal, the suggestion of environment. The play takes place in the town square market, on the beach, in the DiSenna villa, in the Montague and Capulet homes. Soundscapes are recommended.
There are no blackouts.

About the author S.A. Shipley, who studied under William Gibson ("Miracle Worker"), has written more than 20 plays that have been performed internationally. Shipley is the recipient of the Dramalogue "Play of the Year" Award for the comedy "Caryatids" and was a nominee for an NAACP Image Award.

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