S. A. Shipley's "StarCrossed" "Portrays the best part of Shakespearian wit with a prequel twist."--Anon.


S.A. Shipley

“StarCrossed” Steinbeck Presents San Francisco 2005
SoulSoup Productions The Player's Ring Portsmouth NH 2005
Issaquah Arts Commission staged reading 2004

Stage One in Seattle, WA 2003
“Firestorm” staged reading
Dec. 2001 Resonance Theater Off Broadway
“Seniority Series” muliple productions
world premiere - 2001 Israel Levin Center Los Angeles, CA
Mae West Fest 2002

“Mother’s Day in the Holding Tank”
produced 1999 and reprised 2003 - Vagabond Theater, Los Angeles,
produced - 2000 Underground Railroad Theater, Manhattan, NY
world premiere - Sept. 1999 Mitchelville Theater Project

"Felicity" production history:
staged readings
Mae West Fest 1999
Skirball Museum, LA August 3,1997 Jewish Women’s Theater Project
reading – Santa Monica, Ca 1997
reading – Bellevue Community College

"Chinese Shadow Puppets" Susan Hirasawa - Pentawa (edited)

"Another Way" 13 volume Video Library, Bellevue School District, WA.

"Caryatids" Production history: La Mama Theatre
Spingold Theater
Award: Dramalogue "Play of the Year"
(formerly titled "Pleasure Palace"
"Caroline" produced at Brandeis University
"John Brown’s Body" (adaptation) Brandeis University
"Mother’s Day in the Holding Tank" Production history:
Iowa State Women’s Correctional Institution.

Plays for young children
"Wendy" Washington Academy of Performing Arts
"Mosquito" Washington Academy of Performing Arts
"A Lad In" Washington Academy of Performing Arts

"Love and Marriage"
Production history:
20th Century Fox Television
nominee NAACP Image Award – best screenplay

"She Done No Wrong"
Mutual Radio Theatre

"Another Way"
13 volume video library on mediation for Bellevue, WA

"Chinese Shadow Puppet Theater" co-writer Pentewa Interactive - multiple awards. "At the Potlatch" – editor Pentewa Interactive "Dia de los Meurtos" – editor (English version) Pentewa Interactive


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